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The #1 Place for the GG DAO Community to Gather & Connect is their Discord Server
Discord is a powerful tool that has been around for many years and has become widely recognized as the go-to platform for community growth & development. Discord is akin to an instant messaging service such as AIM, but also has the capability to host video chats & conferences like Skype.
Discord is committed to the principles of open source development and so has a plethora of community made tools available, most for free. You may use Discord to: organize documents, host community tournaments, relay messages and/or announcements, find a gaming partner, look up a video, compose & listen to a music playlist, and much much more.
Whether you consider yourself a Discord Veteran or you have never even heard of it until now, we highly recommend you read this article by the NFT Guru Zeneca33: “A Guide to Discord”. This article has shed light on little known tips & tricks to even the most experienced Discord users as well as covers all of the fundamental basics of how to utilize the software. Remember to bookmark the guide for quick reference if you ever need it.
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