Phase #1 (COMPLETED)

Community Building

Establish Initial Founders

  • The first batch of “Founders Tokens” will be distributed to inaugural members of GG DAO who have supported & contributed to the community & the organization since its inception.

Establish a platform that supports & funds independent game development

  • Create a system for game developers to fund developer ideas through a community-driven game development process.
  • Take on developers to the platform to help build a sustainable ecosystem that is mutually beneficial for both gamers & developers.
  • Establish a support system for game developers to collaborate with other available developers to bring their ideas to life, if necessary.

Pre-sale Launch (first game)

  • Drop party for the first game and launch of the first NFTs. Promotional tournaments, contests, & more will be available. 75% of the total revenue from every drop will be invested directly back into the Game Development (50%) & Community wallets (25%).

Host 1st community tournament

  • Game launches are accompanied by contests & tournaments to promote the platform and allow the organization to utilize some of the funds from the “Community Wallet” to give back to the community. The first tournament has successfully completed in which over $12,000 dollars in prizes were won by members of GG DAO.

Begin Development of Multiplayer Game

  • A portion of funds from the “Game Development” wallet will be used to develop other games that are submitted & approved by the community. The first multiplayer game currently in development is a cart racing game that will feature all of GG DAO's characters.