For Developers

GG DAO was Founded with You in Mind
The GG DAO ecosystem was created with the true interests of gamers and developers in mind. For too long, developers have been under the shackles of third-party platforms and their obscene fee structures. The gaming industry continues to underpay game designers to meet shareholder demands and increasing profit margins, but with GG DAO, we ensure the developer remains in the pilot seat and has complete control over their revenue stream. The founding partners of GG DAO believe developers deserve much better and should be fairly compensated for their work.
If you are a game developer with a vision you do not have the full capacity to realize, present it to GG DAO and let the organization fund and turn your dream into an NFT game on their platform. You may negotiate a fair price for your work and receive perpetual royalties. You can ensure that your terms are set in stone and guaranteed by utilizing intelligent & persistent smart contracts.
If you are a game developer, programmer, or just have a really good video-game idea that is already mostly fleshed out you may submit an application to further explore & negotiate the opportunity for your game to be released through the GG DAO platform: