Welcome to GG DAO!
Good Game DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to provide a platform for video-game developers and gamers to build and enjoy gaming in an entirely new fashion. For too long centralized organizations have dominated the gaming industry and have subsequently exploited both gamers and developers. With GG DAO, this changes. Developers will earn what they are rightfully entitled to, along with players who will also gain from our games rather than falling victim to loot boxes and pay to win scams. The platform will allow developers to create games that are interoperable with smart contracts to control the ownership and royalty of their intellectual property.
The DAO will run the decentralized framework through blockchain technology and smart contracts. The ecosystem will primarily use the $GG ERC-20 token, which will be initially released by an airdrop to DAO members. This will further allow the reward-based gaming platform to develop “play-to-earn” industry standards.
As GG DAO develops, more games will be created and grow in size and complexity. 2-D side scrollers, puzzle games, turn-based games, multiplayer PVP/co-op games, MOBAs, and more are all that we envision GG DAO to encompass over time. The organization's ultimate goal is to continually develop games and build an industrial platform to host a suite of games across many different genres. The DAO ensures the entire organization remains honest and always prioritizes developers & gamers over shareholder profits.