$GG Supply

Circulating $GG Supply is Throttled by the Introduction of Genesis Characters
There will only ever be 99 Founders Tokens available in total. These tokens were/are awarded to community members who hold inaugural NFTs and those who provide integral support to the development of the platform as a whole. Founders Tokens in total will make up 250,000 of the total $GG supply. 25% (66,500) will become available to claim by members immediately upon receiving the token and the remaining 75% (187,500) will be locked and distributed over a period of five years at a constant rate. The unlock rate of $GG amounts to 102.74 unlocked and made claimable per day per Founders Token. In total, 10,197 $GG per day will become available to claim by Founders Token holders.
Each Genesis Token contains 6,250 $GG. 25% (1,562.50) of which will be available to claim immediately upon minting the token and will be claimable from the GG DAO website. The remaining 75% (4,687.50) will be distributed over one year, with 12.84 $GG distributed per day per Genesis Token. In total, for all the Genesis Tokens, 32,106 $GG per day per character will become available to claim by Genesis Token holders.
Extra $GG may also be generated & claimed from “Empty Potion Bottle” recycling. Once potions are used, they turn into empty bottle NFTs, which may then be exchanged for $GG on the GG DAO website. Each recyclable bottle will generate 500 $GG. Based on a batch of 1,801 potions released per character, there may be at least 900,500 $GG added to the circulating supply in total per unique character (amount of $GG generated by bottle recycling may increase momentarily at times during special events).
Lastly, $GG will also be earned through basic interactions as well as tournaments & competitions within the GG DAO ecosystem and its "play-to-earn" games.