A2Z Gaming

25% of All Revenue Generated by GG DAO is Dedicated to the A2Z Gaming, LLC
The remaining 25% of revenue from Character NFT drops will go to A2Z Gaming, LLC, a blockchain-gaming development / publishing studio based in Wyoming, USA. This money will be used for expenses that go into managing the organization, leading & developing the infrastructure, and paying employee salaries.
GG DAO falls under parent company A2Z Gaming, LLC which is a blockchain company based in Wyoming and is the publisher and owner of all Intellectual Property tied to GG DAO. A2Z Gaming is obligated to follow the direction of GG DAO, share rewards, and grant licensing of its IP to GG DAO in perpetuity.
As a centralized organization, A2Z Gaming, LLC will initially manage all drops and art as well as all necessary operations until Phase 4. Once we enter Phase 4, the DAO will be entirely governed by members of the DAO. Each owner will get one vote regardless of the number of member Tokens held to ensure that no individual can gain majority control of the DAO. To ensure that there is no cheating or fraud in this area, we require KYC to vote, handled by a third-party firm. The voters will vote on the direction of the company and development processes and take over complete control to become fully autonomous and decentralized. A2Z Gaming will continue to provide its services (such as oversight of game development) to GG DAO in perpetuity.