Additional Revenue

Revenue Streams are Managed Specifically with Scalability as a Top Priority
Karts, upgrades, potions, artwork, music, custom levels, and so much more will be available to be purchased through the marketplace on the GG DAO website. These items are exclusively purchasable using $GG. When licensing fees apply (10% licensing fee is retained for rewards for holders of Genesis Tokens for each respective character), 10% of the $GG will be spent on the licensing fee for the items before the following breakdown is applied.
The estimated numbers below are based on a single character:
  • 10% to the development wallet (estimated 718,900 $GG/year/char)
  • 25% to the AtoZ wallet (estimated 1,797,250 $GG/year/char)
  • 30% to the community wallet (estimated 2,156,700 $GG/year/char)
  • 35% will be burned (estimated 2,516,150$GG/year/char)