Frequently Asked Questions
What is GG DAO?
GG DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that drives the development & publication of video games that are only accessible through NFT ownership and provides a platform for gamers to be rewarded through a play-2-earn & token holder reward system. The organization also allows developers to be fairly compensated for their works and have the ability to negotiate guaranteed royalties by utilizing cryptocurrency “smart contracts”.
What is A2Z Gaming, LLC?
A2Z Gaming, LLC is owned by the 4 original founders of GG DAO (Jordan DuBoise, Kevin Keller, Rekar Dilanson, & Benjamin Hopper) and is the publisher and owner of all Intellectual Property. The company has agreed to follow the direction of the DAO and has agreed to license all IP in perpetuity.
Why should I be interested as a Gamer?
You will have the unique opportunity to own a piece of the IP of each character in a play-2-earn and token holding reward gaming ecosystem. The IP will include posters, merchandise, animated series’, and subsequent drops of characters to be used in upcoming games & much more. You will also be able to participate in tournaments & contests tied to each game to win Ethereum prizes as well as exclusive NFTs.
Why should I be interested as a Developer?
If you are a game developer you will have a chance to present your game idea and make it a reality. The platform will fund and help organize the resources you require to make your game. As a game developer you are able to negotiate a fair price for your work and obtain Genesis Tokens for the characters used in your game. You may also receive royalties on the game(s) & products you develop/provide which would all be guaranteed through the utilization of cryptocurrency “smart-contracts”.
​Wtf is an NFT?!
There is no one better than the legend, Gary Vaynerchuck, who can explain what an NFT is so check out this short article on his website: Article on NFTs by Gary Vaynerchuck.
​How do I buy a GG DAO NFT?
You must have an Ethereum wallet address in order to buy our NFTs. We highly recommend using a Metamask wallet as it provides the most security & compatibility with other dApps.
What is the Polygon Network?
Polygon is a layer 2 network on Ethereum which means that you use the same wallet address as you normally would on Ethereum. Using the Polygon network allows us to provide more diverse functionality to your tokens as well as avoid excessive network transaction fees. In other words it saves you money and provides a smoother, more enjoyable user experience.
How do I get Ethereum on Polygon?
To get Ethereum to the Polygon network you must perform what is known as “bridging” your funds. You may follow this guide from Opensea on How to transfer ETH from Mainnet to Polygon. After you complete those steps your Ethereum will then be wrapped on Polygon and ready to mint GGDAO NFTs.
Will I need MATIC for the transaction?
Yes, you will need MATIC for the network transaction (gas) fees, but only a tiny bit. You may receive enough to complete at least 5 transactions for free from the MATIC Community Faucet.
Are there plans to migrate the NFTs from Polygon Network to Ethereum Mainnet?
It has been done with other projects (Digital X) so we know that it is possible, and no one can be sure what the future holds for the blockchain industry. With that being said, if it is in the best interest of our community and the project as a whole, and it is approved through the community voting process then we will do it.
How do I become a member of GG DAO?
The two ways to become a member of the Good Game DAO are:
What are “Character Tokens"?
Character Tokens are NFTs of specific characters from the GG DAO IP and ownership of them allows access to all games that are tied to that specific character. Basically, Character Tokens are your access keys to play GG DAO games.
How many Character Tokens will be released?
Only 2,500 Genesis Characters will be released each drop. Subsequent drops will be released based on community insistence & scalability.
How do I buy a Character?

There will be 2 phases of "Genesis Character" sales.

Phase 1: Only available to those who have earned a Mint Pass through our community Discord Server. You are allowed to purchase 1 character per transaction & 1 per wallet. There will be at least 3,000 "Mint Passes" distributed even though there are only 2,500 Genesis Characters available. Characters may sell out in this 1st phase of the sale as it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Phase 2: Open to the general public if Phase 1 does not sell out. 1 character per transaction, no limit per wallet. You may purchase additional Genesis Characters in Phase 2 even if you already purchased in Phase 1.
What are “Genesis Characters”?
Genesis Characters are the very first drop & iteration of a particular character on the GG DAO platform. Initial purchasers of these Genesis Character drops will also receive a Genesis Token for that particular character for free.
What are the benefits of holding “Genesis Tokens”?
Holders of Genesis Tokens for any specific character will receive rewards from every subsequent drop for that particular character as well as rewards for sales of any merchandise, or any other use of that character’s IP. Genesis Tokens will only be available for purchase on the secondary market.
What is a “Subsequent Drop”?
A subsequent drop is any drop of a particular character that takes place after a Genesis Character drop for that specific character. No Genesis Tokens will be granted for Subsequent Drops.
Why should I hold onto my “Character Token” and not just my “Genesis Token”?
Your Character Tokens give you access to use that character in all current & future games in which that character is featured. In order to gain access to the “play-to-earn” aspects of each game or to participate in competitions for prizes you must own a character for that specific game. Genesis Tokens are what generate rewards for the holder and provide voting rights, while Character Tokens provide access to play games.
What are “Founders Tokens”?
Founders Tokens were released to members of the community who held inaugural NFTs and are continually granted those who provide exceptional support or an integral factor to the growth of the project. Holders of GG DAO Founder’s Tokens will receive rewards from every Genesis Character drop.
There are only 99 Founders Tokens in total and they have not all been distributed as of yet. The remaining tokens are retained by A2Z Gaming, LLC and distributed to members who provide value to the future of GG DAO. You may only purchase these tokens off the secondary market.
Are Token Holder Rewards Currently Claimable?
No, Token Holder Rewards will be made claimable on the web3 side of our website in the coming days. We simply need to ensure with our legal team that our token holder reward claim system allows us to remain legally compliant for years & years to come.
What are the benefits of holding “Founder’s Tokens”?
Full membership privileges including voting rights & rewards for brand merchandise & IP related to GG DAO. Voting rights will be available to those who complete a 3rd party KYC with a maximum of 1 vote per person regardless of the number of Founders Tokens held. However, rewards will be distributed proportionately according to the number of tokens held.
Holders of Founders Tokens will also receive rewards from every Genesis Character NFT drop as well as secondary sales of those characters.
How do I buy a “Founder’s Token”?
They will only be available for purchase if token holders make the decision to sell their Founders Token on a secondary market like Opensea or LooksRare. Founders Tokens were initially distributed to members of the community who contributed to the project since the beginning, or certain individuals who have done work for the organization in a greater capacity than would typically be expected, or those that are a valuable asset to the organization as a whole.
How much do Characters cost?
Genesis Character drops currently cost 0.04 $ETH (subject to change with market). Subsequent Character drop price will be determined by the Genesis Token holders of that specific character.
Is there a Whitelist to buy Characters?
Yes, there are a total of at least 3,000 spots available on all of our Genesis Character whitelists. However, there are only 2,500 Genesis Characters released during any drop. Everyone on our whitelist may not be guaranteed success when trying to purchase a Character, but they are built on the Polygon Network so there are not extreme fees wasted.
How do I get Whitelisted?
There are multiple ways to get whitelisted available in our Discord Community. Click Here to Join and engage with the community. Other members and moderators are always available to to assist & answer any of your questions.
If you are not familiar with how to use Discord we highly recommend you read this article by the NFT Guru, Zeneca33.
How do I use Discord
Whether you consider yourself a Discord Veteran or you have never even heard of it until now, we highly recommend you read this article by the NFT Guru Zeneca33: “A Guide to Discord”. This article has shed light on little known tips & tricks to even the most experienced Discord users as well as covers all of the fundamental basics of how to utilize the software. Remember to bookmark the guide for quick reference if you ever need it.
May I transfer ownership of NFTs I purchase from GG DAO?
Yes, you may transfer your NFTs freely or sell them on a secondary marketplace such as Opensea or LooksRare.
Are there already games that are available to play?
The first game published by GG DAO is available to play now. Try the free demo today.
What does the future of GG DAO look like?
GG DAO intends to develop and publish a wide range of video games including: side scrollers, 3D platformers, puzzle games, turn-based games, full-feature multiplayer pvp/co-op games, & more. It is the goal of the organization to continually develop games & eventually have a suite of games across many different genres available to play with a play-to-earn & Token Holder Rewards system that spans across all of them.