NFT Characters are the Backbone of the GG DAO Ecosystem and it is Fueled by $GG
While $wETH will initially be used to buy and sell GG DAO NFTs, the transition to using $GG will be made after the initial release. $GG will eventually become the primarily traded & utilized currency within the entire GG DAO ecosystem. However, the purchases of “Genesis Character” drops will always remain in a primary cryptocurrency (such as $wETH) in order to allow unhindered growth without a barrier to entry. The GG DAO ecosystem includes game characters, character accessories, kart upgrades, in-game upgrades, merchandise, artwork, secret levels, and more.
By owning these assets and/or participating in games and events, holders will be rewarded with $GG. Each of the Founders and Genesis tokens will have $GG locked within them. This locked $GG is released and becomes available to claim on our website at a constant, incremental rate. This model allows for deflationary tokenomics.