Phase #2 (ONGOING)

Establish Scalable Ecosystem

Community Rights & Privileges

  • The community will be advised regarding the explicit rights & privileges they are granted within the organization for holding their tokens. Also, inform them how they will drive the development of games they want to create and/or play.

Build Scalable Ecosystem

  • A system will be established for the community to effectively filter & submit new ideas through DAO members & the “Committee of Developers, Founders, & Gamers” (CDFG).

Establish ‘Committee Of Developers, Founders, & Gamers’ (CDFG)

  • A system similar to a representative democracy will be made up of members of the DAO that hold “Genesis Tokens” and/or “Founders Tokens”. This committee will utilize an established system to drive development of new games & the organization as a whole based on input & voting from the community.

Determine Community Vision & Values

  • GG DAO will decide on potential next steps regarding unforeseen future opportunities. This will be achieved through the community voting system established by the CDFG.
  • Draft of GG DAO “Articles of Unity” (Organizational Constitution). This will be a document collectively composed by the community and outlines fundamental principles & established precedents that the organization will operate under. These articles may be amended and/or expanded upon by community vote.

Finalize GDD (Game Development Document) for Phase 3 Game

  • Finalize GDD for PvP, brawl-style fighting game w/ P2E & token staking economy. This game will be the foundation of the ecosystem along with the cart racing game, both built out of the games, characters, & lore that GG DAO has conceived along the way.